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Featuring your patterns: APP

Having patterns featured in one of our mobile Apps (LoveCrafts Knitting and LoveCrafts Crochet) is a great way to make them discoverable to an audience of global crafting newbies as well as experts! We find that our Apps are used by existing LoveCrafts website customers, but excitingly, also by a new audience of App-only crafters.

App users can download patterns to view on their iPhone or iPad device plus use some very nifty tools to help keep track while they knit and crochet. Every month we add new free patterns to the app for the customers to access.

Only free patterns are featured on our App (sometimes also paid patterns that are temporarily free). You may find that your free patterns are picked to feature by the team – but also feel free to reach out to us if you are keen to be featured or would like to offer a paid pattern to be temporarily free for a period. It’s a great way to get brand exposure as only a small number of patterns (between 25-40) are featured on the Apps at any one time, so they are highly discoverable.

By making a paid pattern temporarily free on the App, you will also find that if it gets a high number of App downloads, this will raise its discoverability on the website by pushing it higher in our Most Loved sort order. Thus, making a pattern free on one platform can actually increase its sales (and therefore overall revenue) on another platform.

Updated on June 2, 2021

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