We love patterns of all shapes and sizes but we have a few key requirements to make this the best place to browse and buy patterns. Some of them might sound obvious, but we just want to make sure we’ve covered all areas.


  • Convert patterns into PDFs. The maximum PDF size is 100MB
  • When you upload your pattern, make sure to fill in all the details and don’t forget to tag which language is featured.
  • Our makers love to see the finished result as clearly as possible, so please do ensure you’re using high-quality photography of the finished project.
  • We have makers from around the world, so if you can, please do make your patterns internationally friendly by including imperial and metric measurements for materials and needles. Also, please do state which country’s knitting/ crochet terms you have used
  • Include the recommended gauge/tension – this information is sooo useful to your customers because it helps them to replicate your sizing, and to choose the right yarn and needles. If you feel that gauge is less important in your pattern please just state the gauge you worked to so that customers can feel confident their item will resemble yours or can make alterations if needed
  • Make sure your PDF to includes the approximate amount of yarn needed (ideally in yards or meters, or alternatively you can recommend a specific brand and line of yarn and add the number of balls/skeins needed) as this will help your customers decide if they have enough yarn already or need to buy a bit more.
  • A glossary of stitch and term abbreviations used in the pattern and charts are always nice and helpful to makers.
  • Format your patterns so they are attractive and easy to follow. Patterns should be in an easy-to-read font and have headers for different sections of the garment. You may want to consider developing your signature ‘pattern style’ before you start out so it is easier to replicate for each pattern you design


  • Go crazy on the advertising. We encourage you to include links to your website, and social media profiles but we do ask that you don’t include advertising of other products and services not sold through our website.
  • Include any content you don’t own the copyright to, such as other people’s designs
  • Include blank pages. Consider how the pattern will print if customers choose to do so – plus it helps save the planet!
  • Add links to your description. Why not direct your customers to your personal website or blog, plus you can add links to your designer profile here.
  • Use language or terms that are offensive or inappropriate. You can read more about what we consider appropriate here.