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About the pattern: “For” and “Pattern type”

Categorising your patterns

Doing this correctly is really important. The tags that you add to your pattern will determine which filters are applied to it onsite, as well as which pattern categories it appears in.

We have thousands of Independent Designer and brand patterns onsite, so help your customers discover yours by categorising it accurately with the right tags.

When you are uploading your patterns, the second section you come to; “About the Pattern” has two “trees” of options in which to tag “Who is it for?” and “Type of pattern”. These are some of the required fields that you must fill in in order to submit your pattern for approval.

Logic is applied to these tags, such that if you select certain options, other options are then unable to be selected. This logic is applied to keep category tagging (and therefore onsite filters) accurate and was devised using existing pattern data and common intuition.

For example, when the “Adult > Plus-Size” tag is added to a pattern, you are then unable to select that the pattern is also for a Baby – this other option becomes un-clickable:


The tagging logic also applies to the “Type of Pattern” section below, following on from the options you tagged in “Who is it for?”. Options will again become un-clickable if they don’t follow the common logic.

For example, it won’t be possible to tag the Adult > Plus Size pattern as also being a ‘Pet Toy’ pattern:

By tagging your patterns accurately you are increasing your chances of sales by making them more discoverable, and also helping your customers to have a delightful browsing experience onsite.

Important categorising tips

A couple of key tips for tagging your patterns on our site, for popular items:

  • Baby blanket patterns – should always be tagged as Babies > Boys and Girls in “Who is it for?” then Homeware > Blankets & Throws in “Type of Pattern” – in order to appear in our auto-generated, highly popular, Baby Blanket categories on site.
  • Toy patterns – should always be tagged as Other > Other in “Who is it for?” then Other > Toys in “Type of Pattern” – in order to appear in our auto-generated toy categories
Updated on June 29, 2018

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