How to upload a pattern

Uploading your patterns

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Right, there are two ways to upload a pattern; you can either upload a pattern from scratch or import an existing PDF pattern from Ravelry. If you’re importing from Ravelry, you’ll need to add additional information, such as sizing and yarns, to the LoveCrafts listing.

We’ve worked hard to make sure our upload process is as straightforward and easy as possible for you.To add a new pattern you will need to fill in all the data fields, upload the pattern PDF and at least one photo. We’d also encourage you to add the sizings and materials required and take time to make sure the category tags are correct (i.e. who the pattern is for, and what kind of pattern it is) – as this will help a customer to filter and find your pattern and obviously buy/download it!

If life gets in the way, you can save the pattern as a draft until later. When you’re ready to go again and you’ve filled everything in, click to submit it to us for approval. Great job!

Pattern approval

We like to make sure everything looks right before going live with your patterns. We check there are enough details, make sure the namings of things are ok and aren’t violating any of our terms and conditions.

Our expert knitters and crocheters aim to review your pattern within 5 business days, but we aim for  1-2.  Once approved, you’ll be sent a confirmation email and the pattern will be automatically available to buy on LoveCrafts, yay! The status of your pattern in Designer area will be updated to ‘Published’ – Go, you!

Pattern rejection

Sometimes we’ll need to ask you to make changes before we can put a pattern live. If your pattern isn’t approved, we’ll send you an email explaining why and how to fix it. Whilst this happens, your pattern status will be changed back to ‘Draft’. After you’ve updated your pattern to comply with the recommendations, you can resubmit it for approval.

Updated on June 14, 2019

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