Once you have signed into your designer account, you can click ‘Import from Ravelry’ in the ‘My Patterns’ area or from your sidebar. This will then guide you through importing your patterns step-by-step. You can choose to import all your patterns at once, or select just a few at a time.

Once you have imported your patterns from Ravelry, they will have the status ‘Pending’ while the system brings across the information. Once this process is complete, you can edit your pattern listings. Please note that you need to edit your listings after importing from Ravelry, your patterns don’t automatically go live on our site.

Importing your patterns will automatically bring across your pattern PDF, images and description, but there is information that you will need to add and edit as it isn’t possible to match all the fields in LoveCrafts to those in Ravelry.

This information includes yarns and sizing. Did you know that patterns are four times more likely to sell if they include include yarns and sizing information? So to boost your sales potential, it is really important that this information is added. Read on below for more information on this.

Re-Importing a pattern from Ravelry

If you’ve updated a pattern on Ravelry and need to re-import it, please note that the description field will NOT be re-imported. All other fields are transferred on re-import.