Managing your patterns

Making edits to published patterns

Once your patterns are published, you can update them at any point. Just go to your designer area, select ‘My Patterns’ and click on the pattern you would like to edit and update. Just so you know, if you do many edits it will need to be approved again before the changes are applied.

What was LoveKnitting/LoveCrochet is now LoveCrafts: What happened to LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet?

We started LoveCrafts in 2012 with a simple mission to build a home for makers. We launched first, and soon added to the family. But we knew there were many more makers around the world who still couldn’t find what they were looking for. Makers, like us, who enjoyed many crafts – knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, sewing, papercrafts, baking – you name it! After lots of careful research, and insightful conversations with our customers, we knew we had to make it easier for you to find everything you need in one place. was born. Here, you will find exactly the same yarns, patterns, community and inspiration from LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet, brought to you under one roof. The difference? We’ll be adding more crafts to inspire and delight! Watch this space.

Feedback on your patterns

Our Customer Smiles team are here to help and will do their best to help your customers with any pattern queries they might have with your patterns. If a pattern issue needs to be escalated to you, the Smiles Team will reach out directly via your nominated contact email address in your Designers account. If the issue is restricting the making process and is likely to affect further customers, they may need to disable your pattern onsite until you have been able to resolve the issue. Our smiles team will let you know that the issue is and help you where they can.

In the unlikely event that a customer is unsatisfied with a pattern due to unresolved issues with its contents, we will need to issue them a refund and take the cost of which will come out of your next monthly sales payment.

Deleting patterns

Need to delete a pattern? No problem, you can do this in your designer account whenever you wish. After deletion they won’t be visible on LoveCrafts.

If you would like to delete your Designer account entirely, please get in contact with us by email.

Updated on June 14, 2019

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