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Multi-language patterns

We have a global customer base, many of whom speak and read multiple languages. We have had feedback from bi- and multi-lingual customers that they like to be able to view a pattern in it’s different languages before deciding which one to follow. For this reason multi-language patterns on our site are shown in the same PDF, not separate ones.

Submitting multi-language patterns

The different language versions of your pattern must be listed within the same PDF document. It you already have the different language versions in separate documents – it is very simple to merge them into one, if you’re not sure though google or reach out to us via the Email Us button.

Remember to tag your pattern with the languages it is written in when you are uploading it to the site via your Designer account.

When importing your multi-language patterns from Ravelry (which displays different language versions as different PDFs) these different PDFs will be automatically merged into one multi-language version for you.

Which languages?

We accept most working languages! However, in the unlikely event that you cannot see yours in the options available for tagging, please reach out to us via the Email Us button.

Pattern descriptions

You can only enter one pattern description per pattern, which shows on all of the different country store views of our website (UK, USA, Germany, Australia / New Zealand and Rest of the World).

As long as its within the 1000 character limit – you can enter shorter descriptions displayed in the multiple languages of your pattern – but it all has to be within the same description box.

Within the description we recommend you mention “This pattern is available in X and Y languages” as well as mentioning which PDF page numbers the different language versions relate to, so that customers can easily chose to only print out certain sections should they need to. For example “Pages 1-4 in English, Pages 5-8 in French“.

Pricing for multi-language patterns

You can only set one price per pattern in your Designer account, and this price is then converted by currency by the website for its different store views. All of your patterns need to be set in the same currency, and this base currency is what you will be paid in. Customers will see the price converted into the currency of their choice when they are shopping.

Please be aware that currencies do fluctuate over time, so don’t be surprised if you, for example, set your pattern in £ Sterling but browse for it on the German site and see slightly different € Euro prices for it over time.

Updated on June 22, 2018

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