It is totally up to you to chose the price for your patterns in £GBP, $USD or €EUR. Your will also select whether you would like to price your patterns exclusive or inclusive of VAT. More info on this here.

Regardless of how you set your pricing and VAT preferences, your customers will always see the total price they will pay, including any appropriate VAT.

When it comes to choosing the level at which to price your patterns, here are some pointers to think about:

  • If you set the price too high customers may be dissuaded from buying the pattern. Lowering your price a little could increase the quantity of sales and increase the total amount of money you make.
  • If you set the prices too low, this can also have a negative effect; It’s possible you will lower the expectations customers will have about the complexity or worth of the pattern. There is no reason to put your price too low just because you’re a beginner designer or ‘not a professional’.
  • If you are completely unsure as to what price to set, take a look around LoveCrafts for similar patterns to use as a guide.