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What is appropriate to upload?

 LoveCrafts is founded on the values of kindness and loveWe want to build a home for all makers around the world and in that home, there is no room for hate. Period. We don’t allow hateful content, or content that a significant number of our community will find offensive, on our site. 

What do we mean by offensive?

If a word or phrase has been used multiple times as a slur or in a discriminatory manner, it would be termed as offensive. The use of offensive terms, even unknowingly or unintentionally is not permitted. You can read our designer terms and conditions here which allows us to remove anything we consider threatening or inappropriate. We will listen to our customers, and do our own research and come to a decision. If it is found to be offensive, we will disable and message the designer asking to change the name. If the designer does not change the name, the pattern will remain disabled.

If you want to read more about what we’re doing to try to make all of our makers feel seen and heard, you can read our policy here.

Updated on July 2, 2019

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